You wake up in an unfamiliar room next to a strange person with absolutely no recollection of how you got there. Where are you, who are they and what curious chain of events occurred last night to land you in this situation? Suddenly the discovery of a sinister clue suggests that last night you did something you never thought yourself capable of and the more you remember, the more you start to realise that some things are best left forgotten…
Sarah and Jonathan wake up together in a Las Vegas motel room with pounding headaches and only vague recollections of the night before. In a mission to discover the truth, they piece together the facts using a combination of clues and lively re-enactments.

Wrongdoings Trailer


Critic Review

“With a script as tight as a showgirls corset and pitch-perfect performances from Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister, Wrongdoings… is a tassel-swinging, Rat Pack-singing, casino-stinging delight from start to finish”….. Read more

BELINDA DILLON, Exeunt Magazine, (for Ignite Festival, Exeter)

Audience Feedback

“A vibrant and faultless performance guys. Every expression & stance had us riveted. What energy was put into your performance. Clever use of props for a clever play”….Read more 

Audience member review (Longden Village Hall)