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Deep in space the crew of the Fortuna are searching for extra-terrestrial life but the ship is malfunctioning, the crew are beginning to show signs of a strange infection and time is running out…


As acclaimed sci-fi author Edward R Matherson lays on his death bed, a bloody battle of wits is taking place in his kitchen over the secret of the universe…


Jamie’s life is in turnaround. He’s lost his job, he’s desperate for love and his only companion is a malfunctioning Alexa unit. She’s supposed to make his life easier. But the question is – who is serving whom?

Time, space, kidnapping, torture, the infinity of the universe, the quest for humanity, the desperate search for meaning, the last gasp of a dying star and copious amounts of tea – these themes and more are covered in ‘Owdyado’s hilariously dark Twisted Tales Vol. 2 – three brand new comedy thrillers live on stage!


Featuring scripts by Jon Welch, Brett Harvey & Charlotte Bister & Daniel Richards, Twisted Tales Vol.2 by Hall For Cornwall’s Resident Company ‘Owdyado Theatre will have you laughing, crying and gasping for more!


Audiences on Twisted Tales Vol.1
“Brilliantly f**ked up!” Bristol 1532
“We were all blown away” Theatre Royal Dumfries
“One of the best shows I’ve ever seen” Neuadd Dyfi Aberdyfi

Dan And Charlotte have co-written all of ‘Owdyado Theatre’s shows – About A Bench, Wrongdoings, Above Bored, A View from the Edge and Twisted Tales (Vol.1). As a team, their forte is “the dark comedy mystery”. Expect elements of cult series The Twilight Zone and Inside No.9 from Dan and Charlotte’s script. This team have co-written Little Green Bank Notes- the story set in space!

Jon has worked extensively with Pipeline Theatre and Cube Theatre and has had work shortlisted for the Best of Edinburgh Award in 2015 for Spillikin. Jon Welch writes emotionally-driven drama and is well-known in the south-west. His work has been performed in major venues such as Plymouth Theatre Royal & Salisbury Playhouse. Jon has written Happiness – the story about a man and his malfunctioning Alexa…

Brett Harvey is a filmmaker, writer and director based in Cornwall and an Associate Director of o-region production company. His first feature film Weekend Retreat won Best Director at the London Independent Film Festival 2012 and his second feature Brown Willy is currently on general release. Brett is an acclaimed dark comedy writer and has written The Lost Code of Eryx – the story featuring an obsessive sci-fi fan breaking into the home of her idol and his put-upon carer-daughter.

‘Owdyado would like to thank the following people for their generous support of Twisted Tales Vol.2: Ruth and Rob Shilston, Emma Thomas, The Old Bakery Truro,  Daniel Ratnett, Sandie Martin, Malcolm Clark, Daisy Gibbs, Jackie Wilkinson.