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A hospital ward where the best prescription is an escape plan, two kids TV presenters consider how best to dispose of a cadaver, and a locked-room game that slowly twists to the sinister. Three different plays that all ask the same question- How far would you go to get what you want?


For their fifth outing ‘Owdyado Theatre brings you three twisted tales from three distinct voices. Inspired by cult series The Twilight Zone and Inside Number Nine this series of dark comedies is co-written by Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister (A View from the Edge, Above Bored) as well as distinguished Cornish writers Brett Harvey (Brown Willy, Weekend Retreat) and Jon Welch (Spillikin,Swivelhead ).


Get set for an evening of Twisted Tales.

Dan And Charlotte have co-written all of ‘Owdyado Theatre’s shows – About A Bench, Wrongdoings, Above Bored and A View from the Edge. As a team, their forte is “the dark comedy mystery”. Expect elements of cult series The Twilight Zone and Inside Number Nine from Dan and Charlotte’s script. This team will co-write the “locked room mystery” story.

Jon has worked extensively with Pipeline Theatre and Cube Theatre and has had work shortlisted for the Best of Edinburgh Award in 2015 for Spillikin. Jon Welch writes emotionally-driven drama and is well-known in the south-west. His work has been performed in major venues such as Plymouth Theatre Royal & Salisbury Playhouse. Jon will write the hospital ward story.

Brett Harvey is a filmmaker, writer and director based in Cornwall and an Associate Director of o-region production company. His first feature film Weekend Retreat won Best Director at the London Independent Film Festival 2012 and his second feature Brown Willy is currently on general release. Brett is an acclaimed dark comedy writer and will write the kids TV murder script.

Twisted Tales will be touring in October/November 2018 and spring 2019 – we will update our events page closer to the time. In the meantime, we are still fundraising the production costs of this show – can you help us by joining our Friends scheme? There are some fantastic rewards including the chance to name a character after yourself! Go to www.owdyado.co.uk/friends to find out more.